Uncover your Accurate Body Composition with a DEXA Scan

Your Bathroom Scales do not tell the Full Story


Our state-of-the-art DEXA whole body scanning system accurately measures body composition.

Body DEXA scan details exactly how much lean tissue, fat tissue and bone mass composes your body and its specific distribution to each region. A DEXA Scan will give a highly accurate baseline to help you achieve your goals, whether you are an athlete, a regular gym junkie or just starting to get into shape.

Why measure body composition?

1. Baseline assessment

Accurate results of your body composition can help you plan more productive exercise programs and create more efficient nutrition plans.

Accurate results can also help athletes improve their performance. It enables them to determine precisely whether or not fat tissues need to be trimmed and lean tissues need to be gained in certain areas of their body.

2. Accurately assess lean and fat mass in individuals

The accurate measurements of your body’s lean and fat mass allow us to identify potential health risks associated with extremely low or high levels of total fat and excessive accumulation of intra-abdominal fat.

The DEXA Scan can also determine your ideal body weight and composition enabling you to design more appropriate nutrition and exercise plans to help you achieve your goals.

3. Monitor body composition over periods of time

How can you be sure that you are losing fat and not muscle? Having regular DEXA Scans allows you to assess and evaluate the effectiveness of nutrition and exercise interventions in altering your body composition. You will be able to know exactly whether you are loosing and/or gaining fat or muscle.

If you are looking for a constant surveillance of your body’s make-up then the Scan Package is perfect for you.

Let Body DEXA Fit help you achieve your goals with a DEXA Scan


  • DEXA Scan
  • Brief Explanation of your results
  • Perfect for returning clients
  • Results are emailed within 1 hour

DEXA Scan + Detailed Explanation

  • DEXA Scan
  • Detailed Explanation of your results
  • Perfect for new clients to understand their body
  • For more information, CLICK HERE

DEXA Scan + RMR Test

  • DEXA Scan
  • RMR & Metabolic Energy Test
  • Results are emailed within 1 hour
  • For more information, CLICK HERE

DEXA Scan + RMR Test + Consult

  • DEXA Scan
  • RMR & Metabolic Energy Test
  • Detailed Explanation of your results
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Bundled Package

  • DEXA Scan
  • RMR & Metabolic Energy Test
  • DNA Testing + Nutrition/Fitness Plan
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How can I prepare for the DEXA Scan?

– Prior to scan on the day, empty bladder, avoid heavy meals and high intensity physical activity.

– Wear clothing which is loose fitting and free of metallic attachments such as buttons, zippers, buckles, wired bras and fasteners.

– DO NOT schedule you DEXA scan within one week of having a barium x-ray, a nuclear medicine study or an injection of x-ray dye.

– You must NOTIFY the Radiographer if your are under 18 years of age or think you could be PREGNANT.

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Is DEXA safe?

A DEXA scan is very safe, and there are no complications associated with the procedure.

The radiation doses are very low, which, in fact is less than one days’ exposure to natural background radiation.

The technologist can sit just a few feet from you without a protective barrier because the levels are very low.

What are included in the DEXA Scan’s results?

  • Your total body fat percentage (%);
  • Total body muscle (lean) mass (g);
  • Total body fat mass (g);
  • Muscle and fat mass (g) of each leg, each arm, trunk, abdomen and head;
  • Total bone mineral density (non-diagnostic);
  • Android/Gynoid fat distribution

      To view sample report, click here

Booking Process – DEXA whole body scans

As part of the new regulatory requirements, a medical referral is required for DEXA Body composition scans, however

  • This can be arranged Online (quick and easily) through our medical specialist, Dr Janet Macintosh, by completing the following form ONLINE


Please note Dr Macintosh is a qualified Radiologist and importantly (recognising the restrictive eligibility criteria) is in a strong position to provide the requisite Referral. There will be a discounted cost of $40 (Non-Medicare funded) for medical referral for DEXA body composition scan.
This referral to Body DEXA fit may be used for up to 4 scans within 12 months, to monitor changes in body composition response to intervention, with subsequent scans at least 8 weeks apart.
  • However, alternatively, a referral can also be provided by your chosen GP or Allied Health Professional* but he or she would be subject to a very restrictive eligibility criteria, which you may not satisfy. They will need to complete the following referral form, other forms will not be accepted:

If you would like to discuss this further, please feel free to give Tony a call on 0409647886

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