Be Your Ideal Weight

Be Your Ideal Weight To be your ideal weight is a goal that all desire, whether it be for health or fitness or beauty reasons, or a combination thereof. Seems right? Many of us attempt to reach that goal. Often, this begins with a new years resolution in January [...]

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Osteoporotic Bones vs Normal Bones

ONE in THREE women over age 50 and ONE in FIVE men over age 50 will experience osteoporotic fractures... OUCH! Bone density testing can detect osteoporosis BEFORE the first fracture occurs. Why should we care about Osteoporotic Bones? Osteoporosis is serious - Osteoporotic fractures cause increased morbidity and mortality. Good Treatments are available - Fracture [...]

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See the Results

At body DEXA fit, we use technical excellence to accurately measure and monitor body fat changes. Check out our client who dropped 15kg of fat mass in 16 wks. You can see her results, you can make the change too!

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Kick start your pre-season with a DEXA scan (Facebook special expired)

Team prices: $35 per client (min. 40 clients) $40 per client (> 19 to < 40 clients) $45 per client (> 9 to < 20 clients) With this offer you will get: 3 min. DEXA scan time using leading edge Hologic technology. DEXA scan report includes: Total body fat, muscle mass, and bone minerals Bone [...]

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Summer Special | DEXA Scan | Book Now (Facebook special expired)

Limited Time Offer Launch into Summer with a $59 DEXA scan! Gain detailed understanding of your body through a quick DEXA scan. Do I have the right amount of body fat for what I am trying to do? How many calories use while at rest, so I can calculate what I need to eat [...]

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