About Body DEXA Fit

At Body DEXA Fit we strive to enable our clients to achieve a better standard of health through our gold class technology and data compilation.

Our state-of-the-art DEXA whole body scanning system accurately measures lean, fat and bone mass for the whole body, waist and hip region, arms, legs and trunk. Absolutely no other body composition method can provide these regional values for body fat distribution. Our body composition testing is much more than a body fat percentage. Below are different ways athletes, coaches, trainers, and doctors are utilizing DEXA scans:

Body DEXA Fit helping people get fit
  • Determine pre- and post-workout fuel mixtures based on your body fat and lean tissue percentages
  • Establish baseline measurements to monitor your strength, conditioning and nutrition program effectiveness
  • Evaluate whether your body composition is appropriate for your sport, position, health, and goals
  • Track your body composition levels throughout rehabilitation of a severe injury to ensure you’re not losing too much muscle or gaining too much fat
  • Discover irregularities in food behaviour
  • Estimate your bone mineral content in specific areas, so you can track rates of bone loss and determine future fracture risks
  • Identify muscle imbalances that can lead to injury

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Appointments are available during weeknights and the weekend. Feel free to book an appointment on our 24/7 Booking system.

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If there are any times not suitable or if you are still not quite sure call us on 03-9374-3392 or 0409-647-886 to speak with one of our staff members to answer any queries you may have or help you decide which scan is the right one for you.