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DEXA is the gold standard for measuring body composition

or how your total body weight is shared across your muscle, fat and bones.

We DO NOT use the BIA scales

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Here at Body DEXA fit we can continue to offer whole Body DEXA scans that comply with the amended Victorian requirements. We have incorporated these changes into our systems and can continue to provide you with valuable information related to your Body composition.

The process for booking DEXA body composition scans is as follows:

Option 1: Online referral process (quick and simple)

  1. Please read carefully prior to completing complete online Questionnaire form for submission to Dr Janet Macintosh
  2. Select DEXA scan service and Book online

Option 2: External Referral process

  1. If you elect to use a Medical Practitioner or specified Allied Health Professional to provide a referral, download Body DEXA fit referral form here (other forms will not be accepted). A GP or specified Allied Health Professional can only refer if they satisfy 4 prescribed clinical indicators, but a Specialist Medical Practitioner is not subject to those restrictive clinical indicators.
  2. Book online, in the booking notes add name and profession of referring practitioner
  3. Email a copy of your referral to
  4. Complete online Consent form

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