DNA Comprehensive Wellness Report

The myDNA Comprehensive Wellness Report is designed for individuals looking to optimise their health and wellbeing.

Understanding your genetics can bring you one step closer to making more personalised health, well being, and lifestyle changes.

This report analyses over 40 genetic markers and can assist you in understanding how your genes influence:

  • Your body size and weight;
  • Your ability to lose weight;
  • Your appetite and eating behaviours;
  • How your body stores and processes dietary fats;
  • Your risk of having an abnormal cholesterol profile;
  • Your vitamin, mineral, and other nutrient needs;
  • Your sensitivity to specific tastes, foods, and drinks;
  • Your power, endurance, recovery and injury risk when you exercise

Easy to Understand

  • Gain meaningful insights about your health with easy-to-understand test results.


  • View a personalised report as well as detailed information about what your results mean for you!


  • Take action on your health and wellness. Use your report to help guide your next steps

How do you prepare for DNA test?

  • All it takes is a simple DNA cheek swab to discover your genetic blueprint and feel better than ever. To ensure accurate results of DNA testing, please refrain from eating, drinking, chewing gum, or smoking 30 minutes prior to swabbing.
  • The total time it takes for your results to be delivered to you varies based on the postage system’s speed in delivering your swab back to the lab for analysis. Once the lab receives your swab, you will be notified by email from myDNA. It then takes the lab 10–15 days to process your DNA results. Once your DNA results are complete, myDNA will notify you to contact Body Dexa Fit to release the results. These results will then be emailed to you.

  • The price includes administration fees, postage, and an email copy of your DNA results and does not include a follow-up appointment.

Download Sample DNA Report