Limited Time Offer

Launch into Summer with a $59 DEXA scan!

Gain detailed understanding of your body through a quick DEXA scan. Do I have the right amount of body fat for what I am trying to do? How many calories use while at rest, so I can calculate what I need to eat factoring rest and exercise load to maintain healthy weight? Do my bones have the right density? Here are the benefits to you:

  • 3 min. DEXA scan time using leading edge Hologic technology, which is also used by AFL/VFL clubs and other elite athletes.
  • Scan accurately measures body fat, muscle mass and bone mineral density.
  • Ideal as a baseline assessment before a new exercise or diet program.
  • Information includes Resting metabolic rate  or RMR, as well as total daily energy expenditure.
  • A brief explanation of results included in the limited time offer.
  • Option to include metabolic energy test which is perfect for obtaining an accurate figure for your resting energy expenditure in calories and measuring your current rate of fat burning.
  • Excellent service provided by experienced, qualified, caring staff.
  • Convenient location with ample free on street parking.