DEXA Body Composition assessment

Booking Process – DEXA whole body scans

As part of the new regulatory requirements, a medical referral is required for DEXA Body composition scans, however

  • This can be arranged Online (quick and easily) through our medical specialist, Dr Janet Macintosh, by completing the following form ONLINE

Please note Dr Macintosh is a qualified Radiologist and importantly (recognising the restrictive eligibility criteria) is in a strong position to provide the requisite Referral. There will be a discounted cost of $40 (Non-Medicare funded) for medical referral for DEXA body composition scan.
This referral to Body DEXA fit may be used for up to 4 scans within 12 months, to monitor changes in body composition response to intervention, with subsequent scans at least 8 weeks apart.
  • However, alternatively, a referral can also be provided by your chosen GP or Allied Health Professional* but he or she would be subject to a very restrictive eligibility criteria, which you may not satisfy. They will need to complete the following referral form, other forms will not be accepted:

For group DEXA Body compositions scans, appointment times must run back-to-back for each member on the same day

If you would like to discuss this further, please feel free to give Tony a call on 0409647886

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