Kick start your pre-season with a DEXA scan (Facebook special expired)

Team prices: $35 per client (min. 40 clients) $40 per client (> 19 to < 40 clients) $45 per client (> 9 to < 20 clients) With this offer you will get: 3 min. DEXA scan time using leading edge Hologic technology. DEXA scan report includes: Total body fat, muscle mass, and bone minerals Bone [...]

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Summer Special | DEXA Scan | Book Now (Facebook special expired)

Limited Time Offer Launch into Summer with a $59 DEXA scan! Gain detailed understanding of your body through a quick DEXA scan. Do I have the right amount of body fat for what I am trying to do? How many calories use while at rest, so I can calculate what I need to eat [...]

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