Body Composition & Visceral Fat Assessment – Detailed




What is involved in a Consult for a DEXA Body Composition scan at Body DEXA fit?

Explaining the key results of the DEXA scan and how they may relate to your personal goals. In some instances, provide suggestions as to directions to take based on the results of the DEXA scan.  In addition, a detailed explanation is provided of the report:

  • Breakdown of body composition (fat mass, lean mass & Body fat %) for whole body and regional areas
  • Colour display of fat mass, lean mass and bone distribution
  • Analysis of muscle symmetry in specific body regions
  • Total body bone mineral content & bone density (non-medically diagnosable)
  • Classification in terms of fat mass and calculation of target fat mass
  • Visceral (intra-abdominal organ) fat classification and cardiovascular & type 2 diabetes risk implications.
  • Discussion of resting metabolic rate (using predication equation) and calorie requirements, hence it enables you to set calorie targets to help gain, lose or maintain weight
  • Please read through booking process prior to making a DEXA Body compositions scan appointment