Be Your Ideal Weight

To be your ideal weight is a goal that all desire, whether it be for health or fitness or beauty reasons, or a combination thereof. Seems right?

Many of us attempt to reach that goal.
Often, this begins with a new years resolution in January to lose weight.
Usually, we undertake a flurry of diet changes and exercise activities, that results a change in our weight. We are not sure how exactly our body has changed, whether we have more muscle or less fat, however anecdotally our clothes become loose and the weight scales tell us there has been change. We do not really know how many calories we need, with the exercise we undertake, to sustain the weight loss or keep losing weight.
Then the working year kicks in, winter comes, it gets colder and our dietary and exercise efforts wain and ultimately the weight returns.

Probably, this merry-go-round approach sounds familiar to you? If so, you should read on.

An enlightened pathway to be your ideal weight

I suggest to you that Body DEXA Fit can help you be your ideal weight, through the adoption of a more scientific approach.

Be Your Ideal Weight

The first opportunity is to precisely understand your body and identify it’s composition.

This is where DEXA body scans and Metabolic Energy Testing can help you. Body DEXA Fit’s technologies and services provide you a precisely measured baseline of what your body needs. This is crucial to a scientific approach. The results are precise, understandable and provide you with a measurement of your body composition, that is superior to other techniques (see our post on “Why DEXA provides the best measurement of your body composition” for further details).

Enlightened with this precise knowledge, you can plan your diet and exercise regime to be your ideal weight. Then off you go.

Follow a simple process of plan, do, check, act to reach and be your ideal weight. DEXA can help you see your progress and adjust your needs. You will no longer be guessing!

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