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DEXA is the gold standard for measuring body composition and bone density.

A DEXA body scan provides accurate and precise measurement of your body composition. It is a medical-grade technology that was initially developed to measure bone density and is now universally regarded as the gold standard for measuring body composition including body fat, lean mass and bone.

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Booking Process – DEXA body composition scans

In accordance with new Victorian regulatory requirements, a medical referral is required for your DEXA Body composition scan. We have provided two options for obtaining the referral and we kindly request you choose one of the following:

OPTION 1: Online Referral with Dr Janet Macintosh (In-house and Convenient)

To streamline the referral process, you can arrange an online referral through our medical specialist Dr Janet Macintosh. Dr Macintosh is a qualified Radiologist with expertise in providing the required referral.

Obtaining the referral through this option is quick and simple.

To initiate the process, complete the ONLINE form by visiting the following link:


Please note there is a cost of $40 for the medical referral, which is not covered by Medicare. This referral can be used for up to four scans within a 12-month period, with subsequent scans spaced at least eight weeks apart.

OPTION 2: Referral from your preferred GP or Allied Health Professional*

Alternatively, you may seek a referral from your chosen GP or Allied Health Professional*. However, please be aware that they must adhere to a restrictive eligibility criteria. You can find the criteria outlined in Part B of the referral form available at:


If you decide to proceed with this option, kindly request your healthcare provider to complete the referral form and email it to us before your scheduled appointment.

If you have any questions or require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact Tony directly on 0409647886 or tony@bodydexafit.com.au

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